Indoor cricket is a fast and furious version of the classic game, and it’s a great way of enjoying this traditionally fair-weather sport all year round. Indoor cricket involves 2 teams of 10 players, on a much smaller pitch and matches feature 2 innings of 20 overs, 6-balls an over.

For experienced cricketers, indoor cricket is a new and challenging way to play the game – you need to take into account how the ball might ricochet off the walls and by hitting different sections of the wall you score a different number of runs.

For younger or inexperienced cricketers, indoor cricket can be a more exciting, exhilarating game and a great way to get into cricket without having to give up your weekends throughout the summer, or fork out for expensive kit.

For non-cricketers, indoor cricket is a fun, social activity that you can play with work mates, clients or friends, whatever your group’s ability level.

We run Men's cricket leagues throughout the winter period and are looking to introduce mixed and junior leagues for the future.

Even if you haven’t got a team, put your name down and we’ll help you find one. There’s no excuse to stay at home or at the office.