Football Rules

Toqeer Sadqa Cup - Rules and Regulations
This Competition is called The Toqeer Sadqa Cup and is sanctioned by the Berks & Bucks Football Association Limited.
The competition is by open invitation. Applications will only be considered upon receipt of a fully completed entry form and cleared payment. Entries will be confirmed by the Tournament Organisers at least 14 days prior to the tournament.
Squad Rules:

  1. Age Limits:
All players participating in the tournament, must be 16 years and above.
  1. Maximum in a squad:
A maximum of 10 players allowed per squad.

Each player shall only play for one team throughout the tournament.
  1. Each team shall appoint a manager. The manager can also be a playing member. The manager shall be responsible for their team being registered on arrival and being available to play on the correct pitch at the correct time. The manager is also responsible for adherence to the tournament rules and communication of the rules to their squads’ players and supporters. 
  1. 7 aside tournament. Each team may field 6 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper at any one time on the pitch. 
  1. Minimum player requirement:
Minimum of 6 players (5 outfield players + 1 goalkeeper) is required to play the game. If a team is permanently reduced to 5 players, the match will be abandoned and then a 5 - 0 result will be awarded to the opposition. Unless the score is greater at the time of abandonment.

Kit & Equipment Rules:
  1. Kits:
All players must wear same colour kits (apart from goalkeeper). In the case where teams do not have same colour kits, bibs will be provided. Strictly no Jeans. Caps only for goalkeepers.
  1. Shin Pads:
All players must wear shin pads to avoid injury. All players play at own risk.
  1. Studs:
No bladed studs or metal tipped boots allowed. Moulded boots or Astro turf trainers are permitted.
  1. Jewellery:
The wearing of any form of jewellery is not permitted during play. This includes watches and fitbits.

Playing Rules:
  1. Kick – Offs:
Each kick-off will be from the Centre Spot. Opposition players must be 5 yards away from the centre point at the time of each kick-off. The ball is allowed to be played backwards or forwards.
  1. A goal cannot be scored directly from any kick-off.
  1. There will be a kick-off after each goal scored or conceded.
  1. Game Duration:
        Duration of each game will be 15 minutes straight through. No half time change overs.
  1. The Final:
       The final will be 20 minutes and there will be a half time and change over. 10 minutes each way with a quick 2-minute change over.
  1. Goalkeeper D Area:
Goalkeeper D area will be marked for the goalkeepers. The goalkeeper is not allowed to leave the D area during the game time. Should he handle the ball outside the D area to gain advantage it will result in a penalty awarded to opposition. (See Penalty rules below).

All other players from both sides may enter the D area.
  1. Free Kicks:
        All free kicks are direct and opposition players must be at least 2 yards, where possible, from where the free kick is taken.
  1. Ball out of play:
       If the ball leaves the arena from an intentional direct shot or pass, a direct free kick will be given. If the ball leaves the arena unintentionally, then play will resume from the nearest goalkeeper.
  1. Throw ins:
        If the ball leaves the pitch for any reason, normal throw in rules will apply.
  1. Corners:
     Corners will be taken as per normal.
  1. Offside:
     There is no offside rule.
  1. Ball height:
    There are no ball height rules. Let the game flow.
  1. Slide Tackles:
     Players are not allowed to slide tackle in any form. In the event of any slide tackles, a free kick will be awarded to the opposition team.

  1. Penalties:
     Denying a goal scoring opportunity by means of foul play will be punished with a penalty awarded to the opposition. The guilty party may face further punishment if deemed to be a serious foul play or violent conduct.
     Players may only take one step towards the ball to take penalties. And must be all in one movement, no stopping or stuttering. If the player fails to take the penalty in the described manner, then no retakes will be allowed, and they will lose the penalty.
  1. Goalkeeper Rules:
     Goalkeepers are not permitted to leave the D Area. Goalkeepers leaving the D Area in order to gain advantage will be penalised with a penalty awarded to the opposition side.
     Goalkeepers are allowed to score providing they kick from within their D Area.
  1. Back Passes:
      Back Passes to the Goalkeeper are only permitted with the following condition. The ball must touch at least 1 other outfield player, other than the player the ball is played to by the Goalkeeper, before being returned to the goalkeeper. If this rule is breached, then a free kick 2 yards outside the D area will be awarded to the opposition. The opposition can choose where to place the ball outside the D area providing the 2 yards rule is met.
  1. Sin Bin:
      Each yellow card will be punished with a 3-minute penalty in the sinbin. 2 yellow cards in the same game, for the same player, will result in a red card and that player will take no further part in the tournament.
     If a second player of the same team, ends up in the Sin Bin while the first player is still there, then the game will be abandoned, as the minimum player requirement rule will have been breached. See Minimum player requirement rule above.
  1. Reporting Results:
     The referee will just record the final score on a slip provided. The 2 captains will be responsible to bring the score slip from the referees to the results station for the results to be recorded, with all minor details i.e., Goal scorers etc.

  1. Unlimited Substitutions allowed. Maximum of 3 players allowed for substitutions, with unlimited substitutions. 
  1. Substitutes are roll on, roll off from those named on the registration form. A substituted player can return in the same match. 
  1. Substitutions can only be made when the ball is dead. (free kick, Penalty, in the area of the keeper or during a substitution already called). 
  1. Substitutions can only be made with the consent of the referee. 
  1. Substitutions must enter and leave the field of play at the discretion of the referee. 
  1. Reasonable notice needs to be given to the referee before a substitution is to be made.

Discipline, Cards and Punishments:


A referee will officiate each game played in the tournament and will be appointed referees by the organisers. The referee will be the ultimate decision maker on the field. No arguments or abuse to the referee will be tolerated. The referee will deal with all fouls, misconduct, bad behaviour and violent conduct, during the match, and will punish for each accordingly.

Any misconduct from the tournament will be reported to Berks & Bucks FA by the referee as normal.

All caution details will be reported to the coordinators after each game.

Punishments will be as follows:
  1. Verbal Warning
  2. 1st offence = Yellow Card
  3. 2nd Yellow Card = Red card and player will play no further part in the tournament.
  4. Straight Red Card = Go home and don’t bother coming to this tournament ever again.
The coordinators reserve the right to prohibit any player, team or club/club official from taking any further part in the tournament.

  1. Qualifiers: 
  • After the first 20 entries, any further entrants will have to go through a qualifier round.
  • The organisers will decide on the format of the qualifier rounds depending on the number of entrants.
  • The top 4 teams in the qualifier rounds, depending on the format, will qualify for the tournament proper.
  • Any players involved in the qualifier rounds will not be able to play for any other team in the tournament proper for this year.
  1. Group Stage:
  • Group Stage of the tournament will be a league system.
  • 4 groups of 6. Groups will be determined by draw.
  • Each team plays each other once.
  • 3 points for a win 1 point for a draw 0 points for a loss.
  • 15 minutes per game straight. No halftime change overs.
  • Top 2 teams from each group progress to quarter final stage.
  1. Quarter Final Stage:
  • Quarter Final Stage of the tournament will be on a knockout basis.
  • Quarter Finals:
  • Quarter Final 1. Group A winner plays Group B runner-up.
  • Quarter Final 2. Group B winner plays group A runner-up.
  • Quarter Final 3. Group C winner plays group D runner-up.
  • Quarter Final 4. Group D winner plays group C runner up.
  1. Semi Final Stage:
  • Semi Finals Stage of the tournament will be on a knockout basis.
  • Semi Finals:
  • Quarter Final 1. Quarter Final 1 winner plays Quarter Final 2 Winner.
  • Quarter Final 2. Quarter Final 3 winner plays Quarter Final 4 Winner. 
  1. Final:
  • The Final will be played over 20 minutes with a quick 2-minute changeover after 10 minutes.
Tie Breaker rules in all the phases:

Where 2 or more teams are tied on points, in the Group Stage, then the winner will be determined using the following criteria in this order.
  1. Goal Difference.
  2. Goals scored.
  3. Goals against.
  4. The result of those teams in the group stages if played.
  5. Penalty Shootout.
If games are drawn in any of the finals, then extra 5 minutes added on. If still the same, then penalty shootouts.
Penalty Shootout Rules:
  • 5 Penalties each team
  • Then sudden death
  • First 7 penalties are taken by the 7 players that ended the game on the pitch, if more than 5 penalties required.


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