Football Rules

Indoor Football is an exciting team game that is played in different formats. 5 a side and 6 a side are the common formats. However, our format will be 7 a side

If you have played indoor cricket elsewhere before, then you may be familiar with some of the rules.  However, our format is a little different so the rules may vary in places.

Please see the rules below:


  • Format will be 7 a side.
  • Maximum of 9 players in any one game. 
  • Subs are on a roll on roll off basis with unlimited number of changes.


  • Each team will be permitted to register 10 players. 
  • Once a player is registered with any club he will not be permitted to move to another club in that running season. 


  • The match will be of a 40 minute duration straight through.
  • One kick off with no half time.
  • Time keeping will be with the scorer and he will determine the end of the game.


  • An indoor football will be supplied by the league organisers
  • The goal posts used will be supplied by the hall providers.

Our Sponsors

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