T20 Indoor Leagues (2017/2018) - Week 2 Bulletin

Big Bite Chesham vs Kashmir Panthers

Big Bite Chesham  vs Kashmir Panthers

Sunday afternoon was set to be a cracker with a double header in place. Two times reigning champions Big Bite Chesham look to open their new season with another win. Ahsan Maqbool won the toss and sent the reigning champions in to bat.

A new look temporary Big Bite side started off brightly scoring a healthy 21 runs in 2 overs and looking to move onwards and upwards ending on 35 runs after the first partnership. The second partnership looked to be taking the team to a healthy score of 81 after scoring 46 without loosing a wicket. However Kashmiri Panthers looked set to bring the score down after conceding just 56 runs in the following 2 partnerships taking the score to 137. Due to some brilliant bowling and fielding the Panthers conceded just 13 runs in the last partnership despite Big Bite just loosing 2 wickets in the 4 overs, posting 150 on the scorecard. Ali Jin Khan scored was pick of the bowlers with 1 for 5 and Ateeq (Amla) was pick of the batsmen with scoring 22 runs.

In reply Kashmiri looked to be under immense pressure after Big Bite Chesham restricted opening pair to just 18 runs. However Ahsan and Shuayb managed to bring the score up to a respectable 72 scoring 54 runs in their allotted 4 overs. The following 2 partnerships took the score to above the asking total to 153, leaving the final pair to just improve on their deficit in run rate. Kashmiri Panthers ended up on 184 runs scoring a confidence boosting 184 in their 20 overs and tallying their first win of the campaign. Suliman Ahmed was the strike bowler with 3 wickets for just 4 runs where as Awais Butt was pick of the batsmen’ for Kashmiri Panthers with 18 runs off 11 balls.

Suliman Ahmed was Man of the Match with 3 wickets for 4 runs and scoring 18 runs with the bat. 

Cornered Tigers vs Chesham Mobiles

Cornered Tigers  vs Chesham Mobiles

The second game of the cracking double header involved the current leaders Chesham Mobile come up against the fierce Cornered Tigers. Chesham Mobiles skipper Zahid Mehmood won the toss and elected to make use of the new ball.

Chesham Mobiles started off brightly with the ball restricting the opening pair to just 29 runs although a fairly good start when the new ball factor comes in. however the following pair in Ahtsham and Ahsan brought score up to a healthy 77 in two partnerships scoring 48 runs. The following two pairs put on another 77 runs taking the score to 154 with one remaining push at the end. However, Chesham Mobiles quartet restricted the score to 184 conceding just 27 runs in the last partnership. Skipper Zahid Mehmood was pick of the bowlers with 4 for -6 whereas Ahtsham Hussain was star batsmen with 23.

Moving on, Chesham Mobiles started off in the driver seat scoring 42 runs in the first partnership only for the Cornered Tigers bowlers pulling off some amazing fielding masterpieces restricted the second pair to just 16 runs and now sitting healthily in the first pair. The following two pairs put on 58 runs between them taking the score to 116 and likely to leave a huge ask to the final pair to score to get 69 runs to win only to fall 30 runs short on 155 and hence losing to Cornered Tigers by 29 runs who claimed their first win of the season. Nughman Latif was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for -4 and Waqas Butt was the star batsmen with 29 runs in 11 balls.

Man of the Match for this thrilling encounter was Chesham Mobiles captsain Zahid Mehmood who scored 25 runs off 11 balls and claiming 4 wickets for -6.

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