T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 9 Bulletin

Kashmir Panthers vs Chesham Mobiles

Kashmir Panthers  vs Chesham Mobiles

Gameweek 9 was kick started by Chesham Mobiles and Kashmiri Panthers. Chesham Mobiles won the toss and decided to attack with the new ball. It wasn’t the start that they were hoping for as their first over was dispatched for 14 runs by the Kashmiri openers. The batsmen didn’t let the momentum slow down during their partnership and ended it on a healthy 54. The 2nd pair carried on the good work and added 53 to the total to take it above 100 in the first 8 overs. However, Chesham Mobiles came back in the 3rd partnership by taking wickets at regular intervals and restricting the 3rd pair to only 12 runs. Kashmiri Panthers took the charge again and after a healthy last 2 partnerships, they ended their innings on a strong total of 194. Highest scorer was Ahsan Maqbool once again for the Panthers and the best bowing figures were taken by the wild card, Umer Hyatt who took 4 wickets for 2 runs.

Chesham Mobiles, desperate for a win required a solid start but Ahsan Maqbool had different plans. He ripped right into the openers and took 4 wickets in the first over including a hat-trick and reduced Chesham Mobiles to -11. The openers however played well after that and ended their partnership with a respectable 44 runs. Chesham Mobiles innings was a bit of a roller coaster ride with some huge overs and some not worth talking about. Chesham Mobiles registered their 2nd win thanks to some average bowling by Kashmiri Panthers which included a lot of extras. The best batsman for Chesham Mobiles was Shakir who made 28 runs in only 10 balls. Ahsan Maqbool was the best bowler and also the man of the match with a difference of 39 runs. 

Lahore Tigers 2 vs Chesham Ittefaq

Lahore Tigers 2  vs Chesham Ittefaq

The 2nd match of the day was played between Lahore Tigers 2 and Chesham Ittefaq. Lahore Tigers 2 won the toss and took the new ball as per the trend of this indoor league. LT bowlers started off nicely with the new cherry by keeping the batsmen under locks for the first 2 overs. However, the Chesham Ittefaq boys started loosening up a little and go he core board going. They built their innings with 4 respectable partnerships and although the last pair failed to trouble the scorer too much, Chesham Ittefaq got to a half decent score of 152. Shahid from High Wycombe was their highest scorer who made 29 runs and the Lahore Tigers captain, Rohith was he most economical bowler by only costing the team 5 runs off his 2 overs.

With a lowish total to defend, Chesham Ittefaq bowlers started off well by taking 2 wickets in the first over and restricting the first partnership to only 26 runs. The 2nd pair did well for LT by adding 40 runs but then the 3rd and 4th pair felt the pressure of the chase slumped to 33 runs in the 8 overs they faced. The last pair were left 54 runs to win under pressure which is never easy. Thanks to some great bowling in the end, Chesham Ittefaq were able to secure a win and add 2 points to their tally on the league table. Captain, Rohith was the highest scorer with 37 runs while Abdul Razzaq was the best bowler who took 4 wickets for 4 runs. Man of the Match award went to Rohith for this match too. 

Lahore Tigers vs Big Bite Chesham

Lahore Tigers  vs Big Bite Chesham

Match number 3 saw the rivalry between the old foes continue when Lahore Tigers faced Big Bite for the main showdown of the week. The toss was won by Lahore Tigers and they decided to face the new ball music once again by electing to bat first. Tanvir Butt and Asif Butt once again provided a good platform for the Tigers to build on by scoring 50 runs in their opening stand. The 2nd pair weren’t able to carry on the momentum and ended their 4 overs on 16 runs due to a lot of confusion with running between the wickets.  The next 3 partnerships did better and at the ned of their allotted 20 overs, Lahore Tigers found themselves on a very good score of 182. Nabeel was the highest scorer with 26 and Umar Aslam had the best figures of 2 wickets for 6 runs.

Batting heavy Big Bite needed a good start but their confidence suffered a blow when they lost 2 wickets in the very first over. Lahore Tigers piled on the pressure with some acrobatic fielding and restricted the openers to 26 runs. The ball started rolling for Big Bite in the 2nd partnership and by the end of over 19 the scores were level. Lahore Tigers had to take a wicket in the last over to stand a chance of winning the game but unfortunately for them, the batsmen batted very sensibly and did not play any rash shots to see their team through to an important victory. Safeer Butt was clearly the best bowler for Lahore Tigers who picked up 3 wickets for -4 runs. Sajjad Hussain was the man of the match and the highest scorer on the innings with a career best of 42 runs. 

Big Bite 2 vs The Generals

Big Bite 2  vs The Generals

The final match of the day was between Big Bite 2 and The Generals. History was about to be re-written and no one knew they were about to witness something special. The Generals won the toss and decided to bat first. They started off well with the first partnership making 50 runs but unfortunately for them, the batting started going downhill from the 2nd partnership due to some great bowling and fielding by BB2. The Generals only managed 136 from their 20 overs helped by Kashif Kayani, their highest scorer with 37 runs. Best bowler was Khalil who took 2 wickets for 3 runs.

Everyone knew that chasing 136 was going to be a walk in the park for Big Bite 2 who had thus far dominated the league and had walked all over anyone who stood against them. But no one would have guessed what was about to happen. Big Bite 2 got absolutely suck into the bowing attack from ball one dispatching the blowers all around the hall, left right and centre. They made an incredible 323 runs in their 20 overs which included 7 overs that went for more than 20 runs. They hit an amazing “16” 7’s along their way to a record breaking team total and scored over 50 runs in each and every partnership. Their partnerships were as follows, 66, 63, 56, 72 and 66. The highest scorer and the man of the match was Shahid Butt who made 38 runs and had a difference of 31 runs in the match.

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