T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 7 Bulletin

Lahore Tigers vs Kashmir Panthers

Lahore Tigers  vs Kashmir Panthers

The last game week of the first round kicked off with the original rivals of the Indoor Leagues, Lahore Tigers and Kashmiri Panthers. Lahore Tigers won the toss and this time they decided to bat first. Ahsan Maqbool opened he bowling for the Panthers and bowled a lethal over with the new ball, only conceding 2 runs and taking an early wicket. Although experienced batters Tanvir and Asif broke through the pressure and managed to put up 41 runs in their opening partnership to give the Tigers a desperately needed stable start. All the other partnerships also followed suit and made healthy contributions with no pair scoring under 37 runs. Lahore Tigers made a huge total of 212, their first 200+ score this season. Debutant, Mohammed Nasar was the highest scorer with 29, and Ahsan Maqbool once again was the best bowler for the Panthers.

Panthers started their innings reasonably well by making 37 in their first partnership however they found it difficult keeping up with the required run-rate due to some excellent overs by the Tigers and some exceptional fielding was also on display. The Panthers required 53 to win from their last partnership but they folded under pressure near the end and only managed 9 runs in their allotted 4 overs. Khurram Hussain was the highest scorer with 33 and Nomi Aslam was the best bowler by taking 4 wickets for 1 run. Toqeer Butt was awarded man of the match with a difference of 23 runs. Lahore Tigers ended their first round with a badly needed win.

Lahore Tigers 2 vs The Generals

Lahore Tigers 2  vs The Generals

Second match of game week 7 was an absolute jaffer. The Generals won the toss and decided to bowl first and make use of the new ball. The put the new ball to use straight away restricting the first partnership to only 16 runs with some high quality bowling. Second partnership wasn’t much better who only added 22 runs to the tally. The last 3 pairs batted very well and took the Tigers to a respectable total of 152 runs in 20 overs. Captain Rohith was their highest scorer once again with 32 runs. His counterpart, Ali Jin Khan was the best bower for The Generals with 3 wickets for 6 runs.

Chasing 152 runs, The Generals started their innings full of confidence and smashed the ball all around the hall to get themselves to 104 in their first 8 overs. From there is should have been a walk in the park to win the game, but what we witnessed in the second half of their innings was a total shift of momentum towards the Tigers who started picking up regular wickets due to their first class fielding and top notch bowling. The Tigers turned the whole game on its head and not only defended their score in the last 3 partnerships, but in fact brought The Generals team total down to 99 from 104. The Generals could not add any runs in their last 12 overs, after they scored a very forgettable -5 runs in 12 overs. Their highest scorer was Saqib Kiani with 35 runs and Ramki had the best bowling figures of 4 wickets for -2 runs. Saqib also became the man of the match on this occasion. 

Big Bite Chesham vs Chesham Mobiles

Big Bite Chesham  vs Chesham Mobiles

The 3rd match of the day was between defending champs Big Bite and Chesham Mobiles. Chesham Mobiles won the toss and decided to bowl first. However, their plan went horribly wrong when Big Bite batsmen started dispatching he bowlers with ease. They piled on the runs over after over, pair after pair and built a mammoth firs innings score of 289. Tajammul Hussain was their highest scorer again with 45, his 3rd 40+ score in a row. Although all the bowlers were put under the knife, the one to stand out was Suliman Ahmed who was making his debut for Chesham Mobiles being transferred from Big Bite to the Mobiles team. Sully was also the very first player to be transferred from one team to another for Indoor Leagues.

Chasing a huge score like that, Chesham Mobiles needed to strike from ball was but Big Bite bowlers started putting pressure on the batsmen straight away ad restricted the opening pair to only 7 runs in their 4 overs. Things got bad to worse when the second pair brought the team total down from 7 runs to -5 runs by adding -12 in their partnership. Chesham Mobiles finished their innings on 29 runs making it the smallest team total in the leagues history and also handing the biggest margin victory to the Big Bite team who played the highest level of cricket. The highest scorer in the team was Hafiz Husnain with 6 runs and the man of the match was TJ with a difference of 35 runs.

Big Bite 2 vs Chesham Ittefaq

Big Bite 2  vs Chesham Ittefaq

The last match of round 1 was played between the table toppers, Big Bite 2 and the basement team, Chesham Ittefaq. Big Bite 2 won the toss and took the new ball. Big Bite 2 got to work straight away by taking their first wicket in over number 1. Chesham Ittefaq played a roller coaster innings with many ups and downs and ended it on a small total of 87 runs. The highest scorer was Waseem with 19 runs and the best bowler was Tahir Afridi who took 3 wickets for -15 runs.

With the batting might of BB2, chasing this total was a piece of cake and they had already crossed their opponents score in the 9th over of their innings. The rest was just a bonus and hey got themselves to 219 runs in their allotted overs. Highest scorer was Usman Majid with 44, who also became the man of the match.

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