T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 6 Bulletin

Big Bite Chesham vs Big Bite 2

Big Bite Chesham  vs Big Bite 2

First match of game week 6 was between the two top sides of the league table. Big Bite, and Big Bite 2 were going head to head and it was bound to be a cracker of a game. Big Bite 2 won the toss and as always hey decided to bowl first. Big Bite sent the man in form, TJ to open their innings with Zufiqar. He went in and did what he does best and before we knew it, Big Bite were on 62 in their first 4 overs. The 2nd partnership carried on the good work but Big Bite 2 managed to pull things back a bit in partnerships 3 and 4, who together put on only 28 runs in their 8 overs. At the end of their innings, Big Bite had a very healthy score of 192 runs with Tajammul Hussain being their highest run scorer for the 3rd week running. The best bowler from BB2 was their captain Ahtsham who took 1 wicket for 1 run.

Chasing 192 runs Big Bit 2 needed a solid start which was provided to them by their openers. There was no looking back after that. BB2 started building on that good start over after over and carried on the good work until the end of their innings. They finished their innings on 195 to beat their closest rivals and extend their lead on the league table. Ibrar Hanif made the most runs, Toqeer Shah had the best bowling figures and TJ was the man of the match. 

Lahore Tigers vs Lahore Tigers 2

Lahore Tigers  vs Lahore Tigers 2

Next up was another internal battle of 2 sister teams. Both struggling for points were desperate to win this game. Lahore Tigers won the toss and decided to bowl first this time. The Lahore Tigers bowlers bowled really well helped by some high quality fielding and had the LT2 team on a weak team total of 52 runs in 4 partnerships. Along came the LT2 captain Rohith, who played a desperately needed captain’s innings and single handedly scored 67 runs for his team including 14 runs off the very last ball. He helped his team to a respectable score of 122 and also broke the league record of the highest innings along the way. Asif Butt had the best bowling figures of the innings who took 6 wickets for 1 run.

Lahore Tigers had a low-ish total to chase and should have done so with ease but they ended up making a huge mess of it with no partnership really taking off at all. The scores of their partnerships were as follows, in order, 10, 20, 10, 20 and 18. Hence they only cored 78 which was a major disappointment for them. The highest scorer was Safeer Butt with 23 and the best bowler of the innings was Waqas Kiani. Rohith was the man of the match with a huge margin of 42 runs.  

Kashmir Panthers vs Chesham Mobiles

Kashmir Panthers  vs Chesham Mobiles

Match number 3 was between the mid-table Kashmiri Panthers and Chesham Mobiles. Chesham Mobiles won the toss and decided to take charge of the new ball.  Kashmiri Panthers went off to a flyer with the first pair scoring 52 runs comfortably. Chesham Mobiles slowed down the momentum a little in the 2nd partnership with some great bowling but the Panthers were again making runs thick and fast in partnership number 3. With the last 2 pairs putting on a decent score too, Panthers ended their innings on a very respectable score of 201, crossing the 200 barrier for the first time. Adam was the highest scorer with 27 and Raheem had the best figures with 3 wickets for 8 runs.

Chesham Mobiles had a chase and a half on their hands and needed all partnerships to click. But what happened was the exact opposite. Other than the 4th partnership scoring 52 runs, no other pair made any major impact. Mobiles only managed 139 in the end with the help of Hafiz Raheem making 21. Best figures from the Kashmiri Panthers was 2 wickets for -4 runs by Ahsan Maqbool who was also the man of the match.

Chesham Ittefaq vs The Generals

Chesham Ittefaq  vs The Generals

Final match of the week was between Chesham Ittefaq who were still looking for their first win, and The Generals. The Generals won the toss and following the trend, they decided to use the new ball. Chesham Ittefaq needed and big score to try and put some points on the table. They did exactly what the doctor ordered by making a huge 205 in their 20 overs. All 5 of their partnerships were healthy and none seem to struggle as such. Adnan was their best batsman with 24 and Ali Jin, the captain of The Generals was the best bowler of the innings.

Chasing an over whelming score like that, The Generals needed all partnerships to play their part. All was going well for The Generals until the 3rd pair came in to bat. The wheels started falling off during the 3rd partnership which only scored 9 in their 4 overs and to top it all off, the final pair which included the big hitting Ali Jin Khan scored -8 in their 4 overs giving The Generals a team total of 121. The highest scorer was Saqib with 18 runs and the best bowler was Hafiz Fayyaz. Kabir of Chesham Ittefaq became he man of the match with a 22 runs difference.  

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