T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 5 Bulletin

Kashmir Panthers vs Big Bite 2

Kashmir Panthers  vs Big Bite 2

Game week 5 started off with a big match between Watford, Big Bite 2, and High Wycombe, Kashmiri Panthers. Big Bite won the toss and like they have always done, they decided to give their bowlers the new ball. Kashmiri Panthers had a slow start with the openers only managing 19 runs in their partnership, even after playing a good over of 21 runs. The 2nd and 3rd partnership saw the Kashmiri Panthers improve on their run-rate with the 3rd partnership ending at exactly 100 runs. However, the 4th partnership was a disaster as the batsmen started losing wickets left right and centre, and ended up only adding 8 runs to the score in their 4 overs. The Kashmiri Panthers put together a half decent score of 140 at the end of their 20th over Ahsan Maqbool being their best batsman who made 11 runs in the 12 balls he played. The best bowler of the innings was Nughman Latif who picked up 3 wickets for minus 6 runs.

In reply Big Bite 2 chased down their target with ease and only ever looked under slight pressure in their 3rd partnership where the batsmen only managed 8 runs in their 4 overs. Other than that the Big Bite guys never looked under any kind of pressure and as they have been so far in this league, they won the game without breaking a sweat. The best batsman for Big Bite 2 was the captain himself, Ahtsham Hussain who made 29 runs in only 10 balls. The best bowler was Majid Ahmed who took 3 wickets for minus 3 runs The MOTM award went to Kamber Hussain for his all-round performance.

Lahore Tigers 2 vs Chesham Ittefaq

Lahore Tigers 2  vs Chesham Ittefaq

The 2nd game of the day was between Lahore Tigers 2 and Chesham Ittefaq who were desperate for points as they are the only team in the league now who haven’t been able to post any points on the table. Lahore Tigers 2 won the toss and the captain decided to take advantage of the new ball.

Chesham Ittefaq made a solid start, scoring 57 for the loss of no wickets, in their first partnership with all 4 overs going into double figures. However, the Tigers pegged them back in the 2nd partnership by taking regular wickets. The Tigers only gave away 8 runs to the 2nd pair. 3 decent partnerships after that saw Chesham Ittefaq score 184 in their innings which is more than respectable. Fayyaz was the highest scorer with 27 and Asim Ditta was the best bowler on the innings who picked up 3 wickets for minus 2 runs.

Chasing a big total of 184, Lahore Tigers needed a special performance and that’s what they turned up with. The Tigers made a slowish start but nevertheless it was solid. They kept racking on the runs one partnership after another and had made 155 by the end of the 4th partnership. With Lahore Tigers needing 30 runs off the final partnership, the match was set to be a close finish like so many other games this season. The Lahore Tigers captain and Sameer Ahmed were in. They both batted sensibly and the match came down to the wire with Lahore Tigers needing 2 runs off the last ball. It was captain versus captain on the final ball of the match with Khalid Bashir bowling and Rohith facing for the Tigers. Rohith played the ball with a solid straight bat and picked up the 2 run required while the boys from Lahore Tigers 2 and Lahore Tigers 1, who were there to support their second team, clapped and shouted in celebration. His brought to an end another nail biter of this season. Debutant, Ramki was the highest scorer for the Tigers with 33 and Anuraj Ramachandran was the man of the match with a difference of 20 runs.

Lahore Tigers vs Chesham Mobiles

Lahore Tigers  vs Chesham Mobiles

Match 3 of the gameweek was played between Lahore Tigers and Chesham Mobiles. Chesham Mobiles won the toss and immediately decided to make use of the new ball. Tanvir Butt and Asif Butt provided he Tigers with a strong solid start by making 59 in their 4 overs. The middle 3 partnerships weren’t huge but they did their job adding to the team total and taking it to 131 after the 4th. Then came Nabeel Ahmed and Safeer Butt, the finishers. By that time the ball was pretty out of shape and the swing & ace of the ball had died out. Nabeel took full advantage of that and smashed the bowlers all around the hall, even hitting a 7 on the double ball adding another 14 runs to his personal total. Nabeel ended making, a well-deserved, first 50 of his indoor cricket career which are very rare to see. Nabeel hit 6 7’s on his way to 58. Shaqir was the only bowler with good figures from the bowling team of 4 wickets for minus 8 runs.

With a big total of 213 to chase, Chesham Mobiles needed to start off very well which they did as the opening batsmen made 43 in their allocated 4 overs. However, the 2nd pair made a meal of the chase by only scoring 15 runs in their 4 overs as the required run-rate shot through the roof for the Chesham Mobiles team.  Chesham Mobiles could not recover from there onwards and ended their innings at 155 runs a suffered a heavy defeat. Highest scorer was Wahid with 20 runs and Nabeel Ahmed was the best bowler and also the man of the match with a huge difference of 58 runs.

Big Bite Chesham vs The Generals

Big Bite Chesham  vs The Generals

The 4th and final match of the day was played between Big Bite 1 and The Generals. Big Bite won the toss and decided to bat first being a batting heavy team that they are. They immediately portrayed the batting talent that thy have by scoring 63 in the very first partnership. There was no holding them back as they piled on the runs in each and every over and were sitting high and mighty at the end of their innings on a mammoth score of 241. Mubeen from Watford was their highest scorer with a massive 43. Usman Farooqui was the stand-out bowler from the Generals who took 2 wickets for 0 runs.

The Generals had lots of work to do but unfortunately for them their openers couldn’t handle the brilliant bowling by Big Bite team and ended their partnership on only 18 runs. The nest 3 partnerships were a bit better but The Generals were always falling behind in terms of their required run-rate. The last partnership absolutely collapsed under pressure managing -7 runs in their 4 overs including 2 back to back maiden overs. Imran was the highest scorer with 28 and Mubeen from Watford was the best bowler and the man of the match with a difference of 45 runs.

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