T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 17/18 Bulletin

Lahore Tigers 2 vs Big Bite 2

Lahore Tigers 2  vs Big Bite 2

The one and only match due to be played this week was between title contenders Big Bite 2 and Lahore Tigers 2. BB2 won the toss and decided to bat first which has been very rare in this league. They made a strong start with the openers scoring 50 off 4 overs. LT2 slowed down the run flow with some top notch bowling in the 2nd partnership but the 3rd pair broke the shackles and the score started climbing at a fast rate again. Before you knew it, BB2 had crossed the 200 run barrier and ended their innings on 203. Their highest scorer was Cookie with 26 runs while the best bowler was debutant Malik who took 2 wickets for 0 runs.

Lahore Tigers openers batted very well to give the team a decent start by scoring 42 runs. Although they were slightly below target but the 2nd pair also did pretty well and scored 35. Things went south from there with the final 3 pairs scoring an eye watering 19 runs in their allotted 12 overs. LT2 finally ended their miserable innings on 96 runs handing an easy victory to BB2. The best batsman of the innings was Bilal who made 10 runs in 12 balls. The best bowler and also the man of the match was the BB2 captain, Ahtesham Hussain. 

Lahore Tigers vs Lahore Tigers 2

Lahore Tigers  vs Lahore Tigers 2

The first match of the day was the much awaited final between Lahore Tigers and their counterparts, Lahore Tigers 2. LT2 won the toss and they decided to bowl first. The first over was given to Anuraj of High Wycombe who has proven himself to be the quickest bowler in the league. The batsmen facing for LT were the regular opening pair of Tanvir and Asif Butt. They used their batting experience to see off Anuraj’s first over for 9 without losing a wicket. They carried on batting sensibly and ended their partnership on 38. Asim Raja and Ali Arif came in and carried on the good work by making 79 runs. The next three pairs also kept the scoreboard ticking and LT finished on a mammoth total of 287 which included a 30 run over. Ali Arif was the highest scorer with 39 and Anuraj was the best bowler, conceding only 9 runs.

LT2 required a fiery start to have any chance of winning this game but unfortunately for them, LT1 made an impressive start instead of them. LT1 took 2 wickets in the first over which went for minus 6 runs. LT2 were kept quiet with some brilliant bowling that saw off the first partnership for only 9 runs. The middle 3 pairs batted slightly better than the openers but still couldn’t keep up with the required run-rate resulting in LT2 team falling deeper and deeper into the hole. The last pair also crumbled under pressure and only made a total of minus 3 runs in their 4 overs. The highest scorer was Ansur Mahmood with a nicely made 39 while the best bowler was Nomi Aslam who took 4 wickets and the man of the match award went to Toqeer Butt who had a difference of 26 runs.

Chesham Mobiles vs Big Bite 2

Chesham Mobiles  vs Big Bite 2

The 2nd and last game of the day was between Big Bite 2 and Chesham Mobiles. Big Bite 2 won the toss and elected to bowl first. Straight away this proved to be the right decision as their opening bowler Usman Majid out-swung the ball like a banana. The Chesham Mobiles batsmen did well against the new ball and ended the opening partnership on a well-played 34. However, the middle 3 partnerships were a bit of a let-down and only managed 35 runs altogether in their 12 overs. With some average batting at the end, the Mobiles team made 99 runs giving BB2 a target of 100. The highest scorer was Shakir with 27 runs and the best bowler was Usman Majid who only conceded -1 run in his 2 overs.

Chasing a modest total, the BB2 opening batters showed no urgency and batted calmly to make 26 runs as a base to work off. The runs started to flow after that which saw BB2 reach their target in the 9th over. Their mission after that was merely to improve on their net run-rate in case the league title comes down to run-rate with the leaders BB1. The Big Bite 2 team made 284 altogether with Khalil being the highest scorer with a brilliant 53 runs and also the man of the match.

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