T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 15 Bulletin

Big Bite Chesham vs Chesham Mobiles

Big Bite Chesham  vs Chesham Mobiles

First match of the gameweek was played between the board leaders Big Bite, and Chesham Mobiles. Big Bite won the toss and their captain decided to bat first this time. Hey opened with their usual pair who gave the team a stable start of 50 runs in the first 4 overs. One of their biggest hitters TJ stepped in for the 2nd partnership and started taking the Chesham Mobiles bowlers to the cleaners. The 2nd partnership added an impressive 82 to the total with majority of the runs coming from TJ’s bat. The Chesham Mobiles bowlers pulled it back a bit in the 3rd partnership but the 4th and 5th were again, healthy ones to take the Big Bite total to 256 which hasn’t been anything special for the Big Bite batsmen this season the way they’ve played. The highest scorer was TJ with 68 runs to himself and the bowler of the innings was Asad who conceded the least amount of runs out of the lot, 20.

With a huge total to chase, Chesham Mobiles needed a solid foundation to work off. The openers did that for them as they ended their 4 overs on a decent score of 48. However, the following partnerships could not keep up with the required run-rate and the score board pressure kept mounting on the batsmen who kept losing wickets trying to go for the big shots. Mobiles team only managed 149 in the end with the highest scorer bring Imaam Husnain with 26. Amir had the best bowling figures and TJ, once again, was the man of the match for Big Bite.

Lahore Tigers vs Chesham Ittefaq

Lahore Tigers  vs Chesham Ittefaq

The 2nd and last game of the day was played between Lahore Tigers and Chesham Ittefaq. Lahore Tigers won the toss and like they have been doing this season, decided to bat first. The openers gave the team a good start to build off by making 52 in the first 4 overs facing the new ball. The 2nd pair of Asim Raja of Hemel Hempstead and Ali Arif of Chesham came in and restarted from where they left off the previous week. They scored a very impressive 80 runs in their 4 overs including a 32 run over which they started off with five 7’s in the first five deliveries. Unfortunately, they also lost a wicket in that over which kept the tally to 32. The next 2 partnerships were also good ones for the Tigers who ended their 20 overs on 222. Asim raja was the highest scorer for the Tigers with 34 and Waseem from High Wycombe was the pick of the bowlers who took 2 wickets for 5 runs.

Chesham Ittefaq needed a booming start to be able to chase this big score and that was provided by their openers who made 36 runs in their first 2 overs. The next 2 partnerships carried on applying pressure on the Tigers by scoring heavily as they got themselves in a very good position to win the game. Chesham Ittefaq sat very comfortable on 158 runs after 12 overs and the Tigers needed a spell of good bowling to calm things down in the field. The Tigers worked well as a team in the 4th partnership and reduced overs 13-16 to a panicky 24 runs. The game was in the balance at the end of the 4th partnership and both teams were eager to take the win. The battle commenced in the next 4 overs and both teams found themselves in the middle of a nail biter as Chesham Ittefaq required 11 runs of the last ball to win the game, which was the double ball. Controversy struck when the ball was struck by the batsmen and hit very close to the boundary and side wall corner. This was initially given as a boundary by the umpire but as he decision was crucial in terms of the match, and the leagues table, the video footage was checked as evidence because the Lahore Tigers team believed the ball hit the side wall first…. and indeed it had after checking on camera. The match umpire changed his decision, as they can according to international ICC rules, and the match as awarded to Lahore Tigers. Khalid Bashir was the highest scorer with 33 runs, Zeeshan Butt was the best bowler and Shahid from High Wycombe became the player of the match with a difference of 25 runs.

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