T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 13 Bulletin

Chesham Mobiles vs Lahore Tigers

Chesham Mobiles  vs Lahore Tigers

First match of the day was played between Lahore Tigers and Chesham Mobiles. Lahore Tigers won the toss and as they have done many times, decided to bat first. The usual opening pair went in a started the innings off well by scoring 47 runs for the loss of 1 wicket in their 4 overs. Chesham Mobiles pegged the flow back with some good bowling in the 2nd partnership and restricted the pair to 15 runs. However, the Tigers went strength to strength from partnership number 3 and ended their innings on 212. Toqeer Butt was the best batter who scored 29 runs in 11 balls and Suliman Ahmed was the pick of the bowlers who took 2 wickets for 4 runs.

Chesham Mobiles needed a good start in order to win the game but unfortunately for them, they got the exact opposite when he opening partnership made shocking minus 9 in their 4 overs. The level of batting improved slightly in the second partnership but the third pair was very poor once again. The level of batting was below average and when it was mixed with some good quality bowling and fielding, the result we got was a low innings score of only 3 runs by the Mobiles team. Although all the Tigers bowled well, the pick of the bowlers was Saf Butt who took 4 wickets for minus 9 runs and also picked up the man of the match award.

Chesham Ittefaq vs Big Bite Chesham

Chesham Ittefaq  vs Big Bite Chesham

Second fixture was between Big Bite and Chesham Ittefaq. Big Bite won the toss and decided to bat first. They made a pretty average star when the openers only managed 20 runs in the first partnership. The 2nd and 3rd partnerships were a bit better but history was re-written in the 4th partnership when Ali Nawaz from Watford walked in to bat. He took the Chesham Ittefaq team to the cleaners single handedly. He kept the strike throughout the partnership and scored an astonishing 71 runs in 20 balls. Incredibly he only hit one 7 in the innings of 71. Overall he hit 12 boundaries in the 20 balls he faced. Big Bite finished their innings on 218 runs.

Chesham Ittefaq started their innings and were left red faced when Amir Akram took 4 wickets in the very first over, including a clean bowled hat-trick. The Ittefaq score after he first over was minus 17. Big Bite kept taking wickets on a regular basis and had taken 29 wickets by the end of the innings which included 3 hat-tricks by their bowlers. None of the Ittefaq batsmen were able to trouble the corer much and other than their captain, Zameer, all the other batsmen either scored 0 runs, or below. They scored an embarrassing 5 runs in their 20 overs and handed the biggest margin victory of the season to Big Bite. The Man of the Match was Ali Nawaz with a huge difference of 80 runs after he also picked up 5 wickets.

Big Bite 2 vs Kashmir Panthers

Big Bite 2  vs Kashmir Panthers

The third game was between Big Bite 2 and Kashmiri Panthers from High Wycombe. This was also the final game of the day as the weekly schedule of the league had shortened to 3 games per week after the departure of The Generals team.

Big Bite 2 won the toss and immediately decide to take the new ball. Their plan to bowl first worked straight away when they took 2 wickets in the very first over. The innings followed an up and down trend as the scores of the partnerships inflated and deflated throughout the entire innings. After a bit of a struggle in the middle overs, the Kashmiri Panthers finished their allotted 20 overs on 123 runs. Their highest scorer was Ahsan Maqbool with 24 runs and Cookie was the best bowler who took 4 wickets for -6 runs.

In reply Big Bite started off strong and built a platform by nudging the ball around and hitting walls for bonus runs. By the end of the 4th over BB2 were already on 57 runs without taking too many risks. The pairs that followed also batted in a skilful manner and very comfortably reached a mammoth total of 196 runs without breaking a sweat. The highest scorer was captain, Ahtsham Hussain with 35 runs and the best bowler of the innings was Shakil, who took 4 wickets for 3 runs.

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