T20 Indoor Leagues (2016/2017) - Week 1 Bulletin

Big Bite Chesham vs Kashmir Panthers

Big Bite Chesham  vs Kashmir Panthers

Season 2 of the T20 indoor league started off with a bang. The first match was played between BigBite, the defending champions, and Kashmiri Panthers who struggled in the previous season.

Kashmiri Panthers won the toss and decided to bat first. They had an average start but things went downhill rapidly in the 2nd partnership when Adris took a hat-trick off the first 3 balls of his spell while bowling spin due to an injury. The 2nd partnership only managed to put together 10 runs due to losing constant wickets. The 3rd partnership was their best, scoring 49 off their allotted 4 overs, and helping the team to put together 153 run in their 20 overs. Tayab Ilyas was their highest scorer with 17 while Tajammul Hussain was the most economical bowler by giving only 6 runs in his 2 overs.

In response the BigBite boys started very slowly by making only 42 runs in the first 8 overs. Things got better for them in the 3rd partnership but then they suffered a huge drop in their run rate when the 4th pair only managed 8 runs in their 4 overs due to some high quality bowling and fielding by the Kashmiri boys. The final pair batted fairly well and then the nail biting moment came when the first game of the new season came down to the very last ball. BigBite required 11 runs off he double ball and hitting a he boundary ball was the only way to win. Haseeb Ali bowing the last over bowled it well outside the off and the batmen, Mubeen from Watford could only manage to hit the off side ball for a 3 which added 6 to his total. The Kashmiri Panthers celebrated a successful opener by jumping for joy and hugging one another while the BigBite players hung their heads in dismay. Mubeen was the highest scorer with 47 runs and also he man of the match for the first game of the season.

Chesham Ittefaq vs Chesham Mobiles

Chesham Ittefaq  vs Chesham Mobiles

The second match of the season was bit of a one sided one. Chesham Mobiles won the toss and elected to bowl first. Chesham Ittefaq, who were playing their first league game, were batting first and they had an absolute shocker with 3 partnerships out of 5 scoring 20 or below. They only managed to score 100 runs in 20 overs with a run-rate of 5.00 runs per over. This was all thanks to some brilliant bowling and fielding by the Chesham Mobiles team who kept picking up wickets on regular intervals and took 16 altogether in their 20 overs. Kabir was the only Chesham Ittefaq batsman who finished on positive runs while Hafiz Zahid was the best Chesham Mobiles bowler finishing with bowling figures of -2 for 3 wickets.

Chesham Ittefaq, who needed to bowl exceptionally well to stand any chance of winning their opening game, were left hurt after the first batting pair scored 40 runs in their 4 overs. This was thanks to some poor bowling by the fielding team including an over consisting of 4 wides and a no-ball. With their spirits low, the Chesham Ittefaq team kept bowling average overs while the Chesham Mobiles batsmen kept taking advantage of any lose ball that was delivered to them helping themselves to a huge winning total of 187 runs. This win put the Chesham Mobiles team at the top of the league table after week 1 with a very high net run-rate. The man of the match for this game was Hafiz Husnain with a difference 28 runs and he was also the highest scorer with a score of 34.

Big Bite 2 vs Lahore Tigers 2

Big Bite 2  vs Lahore Tigers 2

The third and final match of week 1 was played between the 2nd teams of last year’s champions, BigBite and runners up, Lahore Tigers. Lahore Tigers were not able to put out their proper side due to availability issues and had to play their game with only 8 players resulting in a 16 run defeat. 

Lahore Tigers won the toss and chose to bat first. Lahore Tigers went off to a descent start but what came in the 2nd partnership was shock horror. The second partnership of Lahore Tigers 2 managed to make minus 2 runs in their 4 overs, taking the team total down instead of up while spending 4 overs doing this. The nest 3 partnerships took Lahore Tigers 2 to a low, but respectable total of 137. His was due to good bowling and fielding from BB2. Usman of Watford took the best figures of -5 for 3 runs.

In reply, BB2 chased down the target quite comfortably with hardly any slip-ups. Lahore Tigers 2 fielding was on and off. Where they pulled out superb run-outs, they also managed to drop dolly catches at the same time. The best bowler for LT2 was Charlie with figures of 3 wickets for 7 runs. If the BB2 team, Rohaan and Asad were joint highest scorers with a tally of 17 runs each. Man of the Match was Usman who played good cricket all round and ended on a difference of 8.

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