The opening campaign of the T20 Indoor Leagues Cricket Championship has now come to an end. A tournament that was initially set up for testing how popular and worthwhile this fantastic idea could have been. Back then no one could have predicted that the League would be such a massive success, that it would be watched and discussed wherever you go in the surrounding areas.

In short no one would have prophesied it would become one of the most successful leagues around. The Indoor Leagues offers cricketers an opportunity to enjoy their favourite sport all year round and it's a great addition to pre-season preparation too.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our participants, supporters, sponsors and not to forget our organisers who without any this league would not have been the huge success that it has been. Well Done To All.

2016 T20 Indoor Leagues Awards

League Winners Big Bite Chesham

Runners Up Lahore Tigers

Third Place Chesham Mobiles

Knockout Tournament Lahore Tigers

Knockout Runners Up Kashmiri Panthers

Leading Run Scorer Nabeel Ahmed (Punjabi Lions)

Highest Batting Strike Rate Safeer Butt (Lahore Tigers)

Leading Wicket Taker Safeer Butt (Lahore Tigers)

Best Economy Rate Safeer Butt (Lahore Tigers)

Best All Rounder Adris Ahmed (Big Bite Chesham)

Best Fielder Tajjamal Hussai (Big Bite Chesham)

Knockout Man of the Match Zeeshan Butt (Lahore Tigers)

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